Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's up with the exhibit?

Lions ©2010

This is Somethin' Ya See Every Day
For years my brother and I joked about various road signs along the way to so many adventures. Some were fairly easy. For example "Right Lane Must Turn Right" obviously meant there would be terrible trouble for you and your passengers if you continued down the road without turning. Others were a bit more obscure. I remember at the time there was a supply shop by the name of "Dennis Supply" on 1st street in Casper. We mused about girls dropping by that particular shop to pick up their very own Dennis. For about a year I pulled together nearly 100 images hoping to illustrate that very question. Then in 2010 I had a solo exhibition in Casper, WY at the ever popular Metro Coffee Company. It was there that a collection of about 30 images begged the question, "what if road signs have more than one meaning?"

I admit, the best part of the exhibit for me was grabbing a cup of coffee and watching people as they looked through the images. I would be delighted when someone would burst out into laughter, because then the exhibit had served its purpose. But then, almost always this would happen. After the laugh came the deep breath and a return to sobriety. After all, we have been taught in all of our art classes from the time we are very small that art is most certainly never a laughing matter! When strait faces with piercing gazes continued silently through the exhibit focused maturely on the grim task ahead, I felt like something so wonderful was lost. Have we become so trained in appreciating art that we no longer appreciate art?

If you are in Longmont and have time to stop by the hospital, you will see six images from Somethin' Ya See Every Day. If you want to see more just stop by blurb: http://www.blurb.com/b/2302579-somethin-ya-see-every-day

One more thing, I appreciate this guy: http://artthatmakesyoulaugh.com/

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