Monday, April 28, 2014

Dreams Adrift

Good Evening!
Saturday I had the pleasure of going to the Dairy Center for the Performing Arts to see the Phamaly Production of Dislabled. It was a fantastic show! If you have the opportunity to see a Phamaly show, I highly recommend going! Check them out at

I parked some blocks away from the theatre and met some friends for lunch before the show. We could not have asked for better weather last Saturday! The wheel was gorgeous. On my way to the car after the show I took some time to photograph. There is a small creek that runs next to the theatre. It has small bits of trash here and there, but overall it is a lovely spot. Hiding from the traffic just a few feet away this quiet little hollow seems idyllic. As I wheeled I noticed a man napping on the bench. Very discretely I took the photograph, then went home.

Dreams Adrift ©2014

This shot is an interesting push and pull between the serene and the desperate. The setting indeed seems idyllic, but no one is fooled into believing that it is perfect. There is something missing and yet all is as it should be. Little disks of golden dandelions float next to bits of dropped wrappers as they are carried along toward the street. This is a great place to catch a nap. Would one's own porch be better?

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